Bloggers influence reaches new heights YSL replica launch new handbags directly named the “blogger package”

Yves Saint Laurent¬†replica cheapest handbags called “blogger Bag” Fashion headlines news report: According handbags blog editor Amanda Mull revealed on Twitter, Yves Saint Laurent will launch a new handbag named “blogger Bag” , which is perhaps the most interesting ever fashion industry news. In the fashion industry, now more than a brand name to attract […]

Lafayette and other big fashion Weiaichikuang coffee

Chanel is now head of Karl Legerfeld romance favorably than Coco Chanel, but with Coco by different circumstances Valentine fortune, Karl lovers will always be strong backing, because of this, his people will inevitably be the same disposition crown “Nanchong” in the title. Karl by his side but never lack handedly helped popularize the “Nanchong”, […]

YSL replica museum will be officially unveiled: Museum open surprising fashion brand

Although many years have passed away, but people on the Yves Saint Laurent fashion genius worthy of pursuit never stops. His life is full of legendary, from the age of 17 is “VOGUE” to explore, to 21-year-old stepped in as director of Dior design, or with another gay lover Pierre Berg√© hard work hand in […]

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The new season of replica handbags fashion never die big ad released

When we look back in 2013 is still the highlight of the fashion circles, each big luxury 2014 spring and summer advertising have been released, the wheel never stops proclaiming fashion, fashion spirit never die, ready to be the impact of a new trend: Prada replica New season Group adopted a combat method, breath supermodel […]

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Brand era? Or designer era?

Fine fashion can finally relieved. But the cost may advance a little story caused uproar in the fashion industry that Hedi outrageous has it, brought out the first signs of the current YSL outlet excuse of there, but also people can not help but think, in this day and age, what is the most critical […]

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Yves Saint Laurent replica brand new logo but not exposure

Yves Saint Laurent brand new logo but not exposure British fashion celebrity Katie Grand recent posts on Twitter, Yves Saint Laurent broke in SoHo store will soon open signs pictures. The Paris Vogue fashion magazine Listings same brand identity in its August 2012 issue of Hedi Slimane interview. Yves Saint Laurent brand changed its name […]

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